Case Study 1

Flaking Roll Refurbishment

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Our customer was experiencing up to 3 month lead times and a lack of communication from their previous supplier a incoherent pricing structure and no quality assurance.

Customer contacted Moorgate to tender for the complete refurbishment of the Flaking roll including the replacement of the sleeves. We were asked to suggest suitable quality check methods including historical data capture for journal condition before and after refurbishment with full traceability.

Also to suggest suitable treatments to corrosive areas around the journal side faces and suitable bearing housing surface treatments.

It was important that the pricing structure had clarity and included all work.

Problems being addressed:

  1. Structuring a clear and coherent pricing structure
  2. Best communication methods to keep the customer fully informed
  3. Quality plan structure
  4. Best process sequence to reduce lead times.

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All the problems listed were successfully addresses to the full satisfaction of the customer and an order was placed shortly after. Since then we have completed more than twelve refurbishment’s delighting our customer with our service, adding value by improving performance while saving time and money.

Value-Added Engineering benefits:

  1. Lead time more than halved, reducing down time of plant increasing productivity
  2. Full traceability and historical records enabling the customer to monitor and plan maintenance
  3. A clear pricing structure, no more surprises! making budgeting for future maintenance less painful
  4. Much clearer lines of communication, regular progress reports, quality check sheets, historical data on condition of shaft ,all this helps assist the decision making process.