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Tea Bagging Machine Drives Up Profits

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Refurbishing Worn Parts Helps Drive up Profits

Refurbishing worn parts that would normally be scrapped and replaced by new is helping to drive up profits

Hard Chroming techniques are used during the refurbishment process for the tea bag Doser.

All damage including pitting and score marks are removed by cylindrical grinding, the masking off of the Doser ports are key to the success of the finished job. Hard chrome is applied to the outer surface, sometimes as much as 0.040” is required depending on the amount of damage to the outer diameter of the Doser.

The finish grinding operation to the outside diameter is followed by the dressing back of each of the Doser ports ensuring that all excess chrome is removed. As can e seen from the photographs the surface is as good as new ensuring prolonged life and helping to reduce the carbon footprint along the way.

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Scraper Blades

Doser scraper blades are replaced to save further wear and tear on the Doser.

To replace with OEM parts can be expensive so we supply equivalent Scrappers at a fraction of the cost of new OEM parts.

Cam Plate

During service the inner cam track becomes worn and requires replacing. To replace with OEM parts can be expensive, again we supply equivalent Cam Plates at a fraction of the cost from OEM.

What Can You Do?

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